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ZNTech is a responsive and committed company based in Dubai, covering domestic and commercial locations alike.

Our electricians and specialists are well versed with the types of electric works that need the most attention around the office and home. Their experience and training means they can take on emergency jobs of any size. Emergency electricians work round the clock to help you out in times of crisis, so you never have to wait and scan through the yellow pages for an electrician in Dubai.

Whether there is a blown fuse, damaged appliance, or a bigger emergency, our team is professional and prompt, ensuring that we respond to your need within the hour, while taking maximum care of safety and neatness.

Range of Electrical Services We Provide

Residential Electrical Services

Catering to most electric issues that affect households, some of which are kitchen setups, wire replacement, and appliance or circuitry repairs.

Commercial Electrical Services

Providing a full range of services for commercial establishments like restaurants and offices, to ensure best and efficient use of electricity, and minimize issues.

Electric Fixing & Installation

Fixing and installation of large appliances or electric setups, including creating more outlets and sockets in areas where many electronic devices are being used.

Changing Sockets and Switches

Replacing sockets and switches that have been damaged overtime, or seem to be providing less power and voltage levels that they are supposed to.

Diagnosing Fluctuation in Electrical System

Diagnosing and helping to prevent voltage drops and fluctuations, which can cause electric appliances to fail overtime, when left unchecked.

Upgrading Electrical System

This service improved safety and reliability of power, especially in old homes, through increasing availability of electricity, ensuring better distribution, preventing short circuits, and even reducing your electric bill.

Replacement of Damaged Electrical System

For whatever reason, in situations where many areas of the electrical system have been damaged, we provide full repair services and reliable works for better future performance.

Process of Our Services


Our experts also assist in helping you figure out which components and repair works will suit you best.


We take a look at the affected device/switch or the location of the repair work.


We will share a price quotation with you.


The final step is the installation/repair, making everything ready to go.

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