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Carpet tiles are a new product in the interior floor décor segment, which presents an attractive alternative to regular carpet sheets. They are also very easy for people who love to do their decoration work on their own. While they are mostly seen in commercial areas like airport lounges and office spaces, they are now becoming a popular choice for homeowners as well.

They come with numerous advantages over regular floor decoration choices, including models that do not require glue to be installed. Using their easy stick and lock mechanism, they are very easy to install and remove as you please. Other impressive features of these floor tiles include availability in many beautiful designs and sizes, along with multiple thicknesses and kinds of material.

Range of Carpet Tiles

  • Office Carpet Tiles: They are a great choice for use in office and corporate spaces, thanks to their unique designs and tile-based mechanism.
  • Modular Carpet Tiles: Modular carpet tiles provide great design aesthetics, since they ensure perfect shape and symmetry, and are perfectly suitable for a space of any size.
  • Commercial Carpet Tiles: They create a noiseless and luxurious environment in corporate and office spaces, and come in several looks, including wooden and rich granite.
  • Commercial Tile: Perfectly capable of creating a welcoming impression in places such as airports, nurseries and schools, thanks to easy installation and removal, plus elegant designs.

How We Work

Among the leading tiling contractors in Dubai, we provide our professional services all over the Emirate, with quick installation times and maintenance.


We can advise you on which carpet tiles design and fiber suits your space the best.


We will take a measurement of the area, along with deciding the dimensions of the carpet tiles.


After the measurements, we will share a price quote for the project.


The last step is carpet tile installation that is meant to be perfectly durable.

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