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Bathroom and water work fixtures in the house can act up with issues at any time of the day. Whether it is a blocked drain and pipe, or the toilet won’t work properly, this is a time you need expert help, and fast.

When in need of a 24 hour plumber, this is exactly what we help you do. Available round the clock, a plumber Dubai marina will show up at your doorstep when you need these services the most, so you can rest easy and let us do the heavy lifting.

Our emergency plumber services cover more than just the regular problems in the household waterworks, including installation and repair, renovation, and fixing heater issues.

Range of Plumbing Services We Provide

Bathroom Installations

Expert help with all kinds of bathroom fittings and fixtures, including repair, cleaning, maintenance, and installation during construction or renovation.

Kitchen Installations

We help our customers create delightful kitchen waterworks that blend into the aesthetic design, and deliver high pressure hot and cold water instantly.

Water Heater Installation

Providing water heater installation services for all makes and models, along with the setting up and regular maintenance services for the devices.

Immersion Heaters / Cylinders

We assist customers in installing all types of immersion heaters in different components around the house, ensuring hot water even when the boiler doesn’t work.

Water Tanks Installation

Our water tank installation services are extremely reliable, ensuring high functionality and resistance against weather and other deterioration.

Toilets and Showers

Our experienced technicians our well-versed with all modern toilet and shower models, and put them in place with a view to conserving water, and maximizing efficiency.

Plumbing Emergencies & Repairs

Available round the clock and all around the year, our emergency plumbing repair services are meant for quick and cost-effective solutions to even the most serious issues.

Boiler Servicing & Boiler Repairs

Along with helping you choose and install a household water boiler that suits your requirements, we also carry out quick and professional repair work.

How We Work


Get in touch with us on advice regarding your emergency plumber and waterworks needs


Our 24 hour plumber staff will take a look at the best locations to install water works devices.


We will provide you with a quotation for our emergency plumber works or other required tasks.


Our 24 hour plumber services will finish the project in no time.

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